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Surveying and mapping services provide both the solid foundation and the successful completion of projects at MDS Consulting.

At the beginning of a project, the initial research of records, title analysis, boundary surveying and topographic mapping are combined to establish the physical constraints used in the land planning process and to determine the controlling factors for the design of infrastructure. Thorough and accurate base information is an important part in the feasibility analysis and the future success of a project. The surveying and mapping professionals at MDS are informed of the goals and expectations for the project at the beginning, which insures that the base data will be collected and presented in a form that best suits the design effort.

As a full service company, the design process at MDS always considers the eventual construction phase of a project. During the preparation of plans and base data, we utilize methods that will facilitate the completion of our construction surveying services in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our survey management and field professionals work closely with the client's construction team to structure a scope of services that meets the project's goals and schedule.

The commitment to technological advancement at MDS is evident in the constantly evolving area of surveying methods. Our approach to implementation of costly new technology is to be certain that the same levels of accuracy and efficiency will be achieved and that our clients will benefit from a higher level of service.